Lightroom 4 "Export to PDF"... bug ??

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Re: Lightroom 4 "Export to PDF"... bug ??

ericN2 wrote:

That's obviously a bit of a mess to say the least - but if it DOES in fact give you at least all the pages...AS they should be pages.. there are one or two very excellent little progs that can very well 'join' any number of PDF pages to make one continuous PDF..or re-order pages etc etc.. not a big problem at all - other than it is another job of course.. but it WILL make you a complete PDF if that is what you are aiming for...

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Staffordshire, UK

Thanks Eric,

That's 2 out of 2 you've helped me with this evening !

Pulling it into Adobe Acrobat and "combining" the PDFs does the trick.

Many thanks.

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Kind regards,


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