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Re: That thinking probably affected Canon's judgement

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PicPocket wrote:

Is it possible that the higher number of focus points makes up for the RGB AF sensor?

no. 2 different things

The AF of the mkIII takes into consideration light source type, so that, added to the greater number of focus points and cross points may, just indeed may make up for the lack of RGB based AF from both the Nikons and the 1DX. It's AF accuracy that's the point, here, not what feature is in what camera.

Talking of features, 1.2x, 1.5x crop modes and DX lenses can be used with reasonable resolution. All this nonsense discussion about formats / reach / APS-H is all a non-issue

But still not as fast as the 5D mkIII. Ant it's cropped.

it does both in some form. So will appeal to some. maybe imp for few, not for others. Not a headaway feature. It's not if 5D III is king of frame rates. Those who live by frame rates will live with another camera anyway. Others can adjust to live

Look at DPR's samples, not Canon's. For some reason, historically, Canon has always posted absolutely dreadful test images. It's like they want the buyer to prove that they really want to buy the camera, despite all evidence.

Look at both cameras. If both turn out good, its a wash (while canon still losing on resolution). I still hope canon wins this by a sizable margin to account for resolution and price diff. I think this is the only place where they can go ahead - theoretically

It doesn't tick more boxes, it ticks different ones. It's according to need and want which box is more important to you.

if we have to leave it at subjectivity, lets leave it then. To me it seems it ticks some different boxes and still enough boxes to come up ahead ticking more boxes. All this may be unimportant to you. In fact what may be important to you can be that it says canon on the front, and I agree there isn't much argument for such subjectivity

The buttons it ticks that are different ones from the mkIII are not that important to me. It's also why I didn't mention the greater resolution of the LCD on the mkIII, for instance, that's a minor thing. For instance, the ISO box is more important to me than the resolution box. The AF box, no matter who checks it, is high on my list, as is accurate metering. DR is important to me, and that's one that the D800 checks.

But, outside of the resolution and DR, what things does the Nikon do that the Canon doesn't? What things does the Canon do that the Nikon doesn't? I went down the side by side list on DPR, and, other than obvious omissions, there were 5 more "boxes that Nikon ticked" than the Canon. Only one of them would be important to a still photographer, more custom white balance settings.

Oh, and button placement is not necessarily a "cosmetic issue," it's an ergonomic issue, many times. If I can't reach a button I need to, when I need to, that's not "cosmetic."

cosmetic is perhaps the wrong word, but its a easily learnable and adaptable thing for the "willing". some of the others we are talking about cannot just be done if they are not there

For instance, the "joystick" on the back of the 5D mkII is out of reach if you're using a grip and you're holding the camera vertically. Now, the new grip for the mkIII has a joystick of its own. Now, that's not just cosmetic.

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