Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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lbjack Regular Member • Posts: 408
Re: Apple has you guys by the balls, haven't they...?

PhotoKhan wrote:

lbjack wrote:

I hear you on all your points. They are well-taken. The thing is, the new iPad, with the Retina Display AND the 4G AND the Apple elegance (with my personalized script etched on the back), is just plain NEAT. And NEAT trumps.

If it is "neat", it has the engraving and it is working for you, great!

Notice the ANDs . I even emphasized them. That means all-together, not just the etching, which I added parenthetically and somewhat facetiously but which you pounced on so you could be snarky.

And if you think "neat" belongs to a certain "demographics [ sic ]" of which you are not a part and thus dismiss, then too bad.

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