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Re: The bird on the branch

Digirame wrote:

The bird on the branch looks good. You appear to have gotten close enough. Did you crop the image too? The bird does look a little soft. Did you use the center point for the autofocus? The lighting is tough in this situation with a bright background and low light conditions for the bird. When I'm out taking pictures of small birds, I try to pick my tree with the branches with the lighting at my back with an excellent background. I stay still...sometimes for hour in one's a relaxing thing to do on a sunny Saturday (kind of similar to fishing, I suppose). When the birds come close and sometimes I'm lucky that they'll land on the branch I want. I've got excellent pictures of birds that way.

Thanks Digi. I actually cheated here (somewhat). I have a five gallon bucket that I half filled with sunflower seeds and inserted some tree branches in the bucket. The chickadees and nuthatches love it there and I sit there on my deck and wait for them to land on the branches. They are not too far away from me
I did crop it a bit. I used the center point to focus.

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