Future od Sony DSLR - shall I stay or should I go?

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Future od Sony DSLR - shall I stay or should I go?


I am interested in hearing comments of users who are in a similar situatin like me. I would love to have a beneficial discussion without emotional fanboy attacks etc.

I am currently invested heavily in the Sony alpha system. A850 and many lenses from 20mm up to 300mm, incl. Zeiss 24/2.0 and Zeiss 85/1.4

When I made the decision to switch to Sony it was beacuse of 2 reasons :

1. Zeiss lenses with newest lens design and AF ( I thought they would release more of them over the time)

2. This great A850/A900 fullframe body with its great handling and above all great optical viewfinder

Now a few years later, things look different on the horizont.

ad 1. There are still not enough Zeiss lenses. No 35/1.4 no 50/1.4, no 135/2.8 (lightweight), no 70-200/3.5-4.5 zoom (lightweight). I am aware of all the Sony and Minolta equivalents. In most cases I have them. But as I said it before, I went into the Sony system because of Zeiss lenses, not because of Sony lenses. I do not want to discus the differences. It is enough to know that I see the differences and it does not help me if others have a different opinion about this. So please no discussions regarding these alternatives.

ad 2. Currently I am still happy with my A850. But of course I would be happy if I could upgrade to an improvement in high ISO images. But for me an OVF is a must. I tried all the other SLT alternatives out there and this is a no go for me. I killer argument. A dealbreaker.

As you can see, I am not willing to do compromises in these 2 points. Now I am looking for Sony/Zeiss users who are thinking the exact same way and hope that they give me arguments to stick with Sony.

Currently I am thinking for example about searching for a second hand Sigma 50/1,4 in Sony mount ( I have the Sony 50/1.4 already as an interims solution until a Zeiss equivalent shows up), but hesitate because of the future of the Sony DSLR system with OVF. Does it make sense to invest any future dollar in this, if Sony seems to be not at all interested in releasing OVF bodies? Same goes for the stubbern lack of Zeiss primes. They make he exact same mistake as Contax/Kyoca did years ago with their Contax N-lens lineup.

I do not see any interesting alternatives with other brands out there. No Zeiss AF available.

So if you are a Zeiss fanboy too and if you are loving the kind of DSLRs like the A900 with OVF too, what can you recommend me and what are you planning to do if you are in the same boat?


Sony Alpha DSLR-A850
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