Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: Apple has you guys by the balls, haven't they...?


The thing that sets apple apart from the majority of other devices is the whole ecosystem (who buys apple usually does not compare the apple device spec to the other devices), usually it is the ecosystem that is the major factor.

computer, phone ipad, all connected, seamlessly, being able to share, use same apps etc
with other devices it is definitely not quite at the same level

Of course, as you say, apple products are thought and made for masses,

Some people will find apple devices lacking some special feature, and won't fit their needs
that is pretty clear

to me, the advantage of the apple ecosystem, without viruses, trojan, with the best customer service in the world, is much more important than some lacking features

For other of course is different, which is why (besides price difference) android and other os have their own maker share

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