X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 1

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Re: X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 1

Wash it down with their "PhD IPA"

samhain wrote:
I have not, but I'm contemplating a 'third world alien' pizza for dinner.

RealXenuis wrote:
Have you tried their "6 Figure" lunch?

samhain wrote:

framus wrote:

On second thought, please stick around, other than the OP your critical commentary is the second most entertaining aspect of this thread.

When he was offended by this thread he was the 2nd most entertaining. Once he started defending his position by stating he makes 6 figures, has a bachelors degree and got a job within 2 months he really stepped his game up. At this point in the race I think it's about neck and neck.
Also, I just had Zaxby's for lunch- awesome chicken fingers.

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