Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

Dave Seeley wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

I have been looking for one for my 1DS-mk3 but it does not have HDMI, only video out with a USB plug.

You can use your sd slot in the 1Ds-mk3 (or any cam with sd slot) to host an eyefi card, where you write jpeg only, and transmit to iPad using Shuttersnitch. It can give you a great pinch-zoomable preview in a few seconds-- Adhoc direct to iPad is not quite as fast as over a LAN. Unfortunately, CF adapters for SD muck up the use of eyefi in 5DmkII... I use the wft-E4 to transmit full screen zoomable previews to iPad2... and it's awesome... Hard to go without now.

The usb interface is much better IMO. I don't want to transmit the file. I want the file synchronized over a fast, wired connection. Wifi is too hit or miss what with everybody and their brother's microwave and cell phones competing for the same band freq.

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