D4 x 5D3 ISO series in ACR, IR raws (large file)

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Re: Downsizing makes more noise!

Daniel Clune wrote:

Goran thats just wrong. If I downsize a little or alot it reduces visible noise. I have done it many many times comparing different cameras.

If you want get the files the OP used and do it yourself. It will be very easy to tell how noise goes down on the reduced file. But if you insist that noise doesn't go down and are some how trying to defend the 5D3 against the Nikon D4 then I guess theirs no point arguing about it.

Daniel, I will try to explain you in simple way.

What actually happened after downsizing 22Mp to 16Mp? Both cameras have FF chip same dimension, one has 16Mp (D4) other 22Mp (5DM3) so algorithm need to destroy 36.8 % information from 5DM3 file, it's not just taking out process, it arranges and alternates every single pixel, some algorithms do really bad sharpening or smoothing and it's futile to seriously compare sensitivity between two sensors that way.

It's not about defending any side, it's about bogus comparison.

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