I just saw 5dmk3 and Nikon D800 samples on their official sites and I'm...

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Re: Have you seen this one?

henry wl wrote:


About the single most misleading photography tutorial on the web, given the number of totally misinformed people that quote it. Please ignore if you want to understand the effects of diffraction in real images.

Bob, I don't mind learning. If you can provide "authoritative" article on this subject, please share, instead of just acclaiming. Thanks

Ok well here's some words of wisdom from Erwin Puts who many would consider as an authority on these things, which I've taken the liberty of quoting from his blog post of the 11th of Sept last:

"If you would propose to working photographers (as I sometimes did) to use a low speed microfilm to exploit the capabilities of Leica lenses the classical comment would be that no one needs such high definition, that Tri-X is best suited for 35mm photography and that big enlargements are the domain of medium speed cameras anyhow. To be able to show the level of detail that can be captured with microfilm you need really big enlargements or sectional enlargements and a level of technique that is beyond the capabilities or interests of most photographers. The same holds true for that 40Mp sensor the whole photographic world seems to be craving for. Two years ago everyone was satisfied and very happy with a 20 Mp sensor and I am sure that as soon as the 40 Mp sensor has materialized in some camera-body the cry will be for a 80 Mp sensor. Bigger is always better and more is even better than less.

This trend to ask for more in every area is irrational because it serves no purpose and actually makes things worse: you need to invest very heavily in precision manufacture, improved techniques (tripod etc) for a very limited improvement in picture quality (actually even a degradation in picture quality). A sensor with 40 million pixels based on a Bayer (three color pattern) makes no sense. The very fact that people are demanding this, shows the level of irrationality. If you would ask if someone would be interested in investing 100% more energy for a 5% more performance anyone would decline such an offer. But in the world of consumer digital imaging, rational thinking is scarce."

Now that makes sense to me, YMMV of course. As ever, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

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