I just saw 5dmk3 and Nikon D800 samples on their official sites and I'm...

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Re: Have you seen this one?

Sorry John. I actually misread the "ignore" word in bob's reply. My fault, and I apologize to him, and to you and peter, anyone else who felt offended. Sorry!

Now back to cameras themselves, 5D3 and D800E. As I only shoot landscapes (you can see from my signature) and want to upgrade to either 5D3 or D800E. With my current camera, original 5D, I shot a lot wide angle scenes with aperture near F/14-16. Small apertures are needed if I still want to shooting wide angles with close foreground. I checked sample shots from both 5D3 and D800E. While I'm very impressed by D800(E) samples, I noticed they were all shot at F/8, even for compositions that a landscape photographer would normally use smaller apertures. F/8 is not enough for my style of landscape. I know a lot of landscape photographers are using F/11-F/14 with their 5D2, not sure if I can do the same with D800E without worry about IQ loss too much. It seems you guys know more about technology things than me, so what's your opinion?


By the way, English is not my first language, so if I made any mistakes in above content, my apologize.

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