1Ds mkIII in Tuscany November 2011

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Re: 1Ds mkIII in Tuscany November 2011

Interesting. So you don't use any type of ND grad filters or polarizers on the camera lensitself? You just adjust everything in Lightroom? If that's the case, what to you meter for before taking your image? I would imagine the sky or somewhere in between if one doesn't want to blow out the highlights in the sky.

Hans Kruse wrote:

aquarta wrote:

I think these images have the right amount of tasteful creative PP in my opinion.


May I ask how did you come about the end results of these images? For example, were they processed in Lightroom? PS? Any sharpening applied? I'm just curious of your PP workflow...

Almost all were processed entirely in Lightroom and some were in Lightroom 4 since LR4 is so much better for lifting shadows in a good way. I use graduated filters and the brush quite a bit in order to (re)distribute the light so that the DR gets tamed. It's not always easy to get it to work so some of the pictures I have spent quite some time on before I got them to my liking. Re. sharpening I optimize the capture sharpening (the sharpening in detail in LR) and output sharpening when exporting from Lightroom. Sometimes I blend two exposures in Photomatix Pro. It's rather seldom that I use real HDR these days.

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