E-M5 Ordering Suggestions

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Re: E-M5 Ordering Suggestions

When you order from a manufacture they will not give you anything like a re-seller can. The manufacture always sells at MSRP. Now the reseller like B&H does for certain things like the camera it self but the lens maybe less, definitely a filter, bag and battery can be less. You will most likely have to pay shipping and B&H may have a free shipping on the item.

Short answer is stick with what works because its a pain to have to cancel or change an order with a manufacture.

µJoe wrote:

Anyone have any experience ordering directly from the Olympus (US) website? Most of the time I've used B&H and had no problems. I'm going to pre/order the E-M5 and I'm thinking of picking up some other misc items too (hood, batteries, etc). Maybe break down and get the 45mm lens at the same time (though I was trying to hold out for a black version...).

I thought it might be easier to get it all in one place and was wondering if there were any benefits to ordering from Olympus, like discounts for bundles, better return policy, etc. They are showing free shipping for orders that include a camera so I guess that is something to start with.

Any good or bad experiences out there to speak of?


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