New A850 and MINOLTA 85/1.4, some portraits. Still learning.

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Re: New A850 and MINOLTA 85/1.4, some portraits. Still learning.

I agree. I liked #2 the most and agree with the cropping comment. However I think that is very fine in color and would not prefer a black and white version.

Wrathoftheolives wrote:

The second is a good standard beauty shot. Your focus is spot on the eyes and the blur from the f/1.4 is very appealing. Some may prefer f/5.6 to have both eyes in focus, but I like the f/1.4 shots.

I'll criticize the one that I really liked, the second one. You can crop tighter. There's no point in having all that space above her head. Additionally, since there are a lot of fly hairs, cropping would help remove some of that distraction. Unfortunately, her roots are showing. B&W may be a better option. Sticking with color, a gold reflector would have complemented her look and make her pop more.

Other than those nitpicks, good job.

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