X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 1

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Re: X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 1

Of course I get it. I got it when he posted last time, I also got it when he posted this time. It was mildly entertaining last time. It is not anymore. It's as annoying as all the nonsense complains here.

It is stupid to post negativity about a product you haven't used, but it's equally stupid to praise it. Have you people here ever thought about that?

I could post a similar parody about how Fuji fanboys suck up to their Gods (OMG best camera evar, preordered 1000 kits!!!1) but I don't have his time or his motivation. If this is a cue for a massive circle jerk and you are into that kind of stuff then by all mean carry on.

samhain wrote:

hellocrowley wrote:

This thread is either serious retarded or troll retarded. Either way it's dumb. Good thing I only wasted time reading the first part. Get a real job/hobby.

'pats head' Calm down. It was subtle, funny, witty & extremely well written. It's ok if you don't get it, no need to get tense.

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