Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: Apple has you guys by the balls, haven't they...?

lbjack wrote:

I hear you on all your points. They are well-taken. The thing is, the new iPad, with the Retina Display AND the 4G AND the Apple elegance (with my personalized script etched on the back), is just plain NEAT. And NEAT trumps.

If it is "neat", it has the engraving and it is working for you, great!

...but you do realize that (...like any of us...) you do fall in a specific "demographics", don't you?

One first-officer I used to fly with once requested my advice about a buying a camera.

He was keen on the Leica D-LUX 4.

I told him why wouldn't he consider the Lumix LX3 instead, which was exactly the same camera at 250 EUR less, which meant the Leica was about 50-60% more expensive.

At first he made the expected comments on how they couldn't actually be the same camera but, as the conversation progressed, I noticed a bigger and bigger resistance to all my factual inputs about specifications and performance.

...I was finding that quite strange...

Then, out of logical arguments he finally said: "That's all OK, but I really like the leather case and the red "L" logo...they are bound to impress the ladies ..."

I rested my case.


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