I just saw 5dmk3 and Nikon D800 samples on their official sites and I'm...

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Flowers not sharp

lanef wrote:

Not sharp anywhere? Do you need glasses? The flowers are quite sharp, the soft background is just shallow DOF. To agree or not to agree with the DOF is something but from there to say there is nothing sharp is just a joke.

20/16 vision here, baby. And of course I understand DOF and the fact that the subject is so close to the camera and the background so distant. I'm not talking about the background for sharpness, but the noise in the darker areas of the bg is not appealing to me.

As for the sharpness of this image, At 100% view, I see precisely one bunch of flowers that are approaching sharp. It's the bunch that is centered horizontally and about a third up from the bottom. But they're still not 5DII sharp. I would expect more at f/8.

I added a 7D to my bag a year after getting the 5DII. When I got the 7D I had to stop pixel peeping. I had to adjust my definition of "sharp" to be that if it looks sharp at 50% view, then it is acceptably sharp. Didn't have to do that with the 5DII. This D800 image definitely meets that standard of sharp. However it is a little disappointing to have to apply that rule to a premium $3000 Full Frame camera. And since this forum is all about splitting hairs and pixel peeping these days, well, I guess I'm just fighting fire with fire.

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