Let's face it (long rant)

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Let's face it (long rant)

There are people here for whom gear, gear specs, gear performance, lab test analysis and pixel peeping are the core of their photographic experience.

There are people here who consider gear to be less important than the images produced by that gear.

There are people here who have opinions based on years of experience, knowledge and skill in photography.

There are people here who have opinions based on a a relatively short amount of time devoted to reading lab tests, perusing forums and talking with gearhead buddies.

We have fanboys, trolls, lurkers and long-winded types (like me!) beginners and long standing pros.

There's no changing this reality of divers priorities, experience and opinions.

Somewhere in the middle are the people who understand that good gear + good skill/knowledge/technique=good photos.

Shouldn't that be the goal of everyone here, to help others produce the best photos possible?

It should be, but it's not, is it?

Unfortunately, some people want to turn every thread into an attempt to bolster their own egos.

Haven't we had enough of this?

A recent example is Mark Chan's post regarding Robin Wong's review of the EM5. Robin said quite plainly that he was evaluating the camera simply as an amateur, and taking photos intended to push the DR of the camera to the max.

Yet, what did some people do? They concentrated on trying to assail Robin Wong personally, citing what they saw as inconsistencies in his statements to declare his review apparently worthless.


Specifically I want to address an attitude I find increasingly annoying: the Pro Wannabe Syndrome.

A number of people here want to associate themselves in some way with pro photographers (either via gear, or claiming they know what pros demand etc.). Sorry to burst some bubbles, but here's the thing: I've been reading a lot of pro photo blogs lately, and none of them discuss gear in the way people do here on 1022.

Pros don't go bashing brands unreasonably. Unlike so many here, for these pros I've been reading, gear isn't the focus of a contest to prove they are the better photographer than those with different brand gear. No, they rely on their photos to prove they should be hired instead of the competition . That, and their marketing expertise. Go to most pros' websites (not the blogs, the sites intended to market their services). Do you see much mention of gear? No, you see a bio, portfolio and some other information. Why no mention of gear? Because that's not what gets the pros their jobs.

Pros don't base their opinions of gear on pixel peeping, lab tests or who manufactured the sensor. They may investigate these things before buying a camera. But for the most part, their decisions are based first on how much they already have invested in a system. From there, it's a matter of economics vs advantages of upgrading, adding a second system, or changing systems altogether. A major part of this is the overall system and how comfortable they are using the cameras within their workflow. For example: Kirk Tuck stopped using Nikon not because the images were substandard, but simply because he felt the cameras "lacked soul". He didn't enjoy using them. It was no more complicated than that.

Pros don't have time to waste pixel peeping, engaging in flame wars on forums, or otherwise wringing their hands in angst about who made a sensor, how will the camera do on DXO or other similar factors. They are too busy running their businesses and honing the craft of photography to do so. Consider the working pros on this forum (Roel, Doug, several others). Do you see them joining the threads arguing about sensor manufacturer or some other feature of the EM5. Not really. Why not? Because as pros, they don't consider who made the sensor nearly as important as how the photos actually look.

The point of my ramble is two fold:

First, accept that there are those of divers opinions on this forum who will not, regardless of circumstances, accept differing opinions enough to change their own (and they don't necessarily have to) However, courtesy doesn't cost anything and makes for more constructive discussion, even if there is disagreement. One courtesy I (and I'm sure others) would like to see is to let genuinely educational, or reasonable threads, remain that way. There are plenty of argumentative threads available for those who must engage in flame wars.

Second, stop pretending you know what pros demand as the justification for the pixel peeping, brand bashing, lab test fixating discussions. I don't see the pros doing that.

Thank you if you endured to the end of the sermon.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.



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