Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: All that and the iPad is STILL a far better experience than the

Wow!...2 replies to my input and 2 expected standard ones, if I may say so...

gonzalu wrote:

You really should try to be unbiased. Nothing wrong with Android but to bash the ipad for the sake of bashing it and not giving credit is simply ignorant.

I am NOT biased. I am NOT bashing.

I am stating differences that should be obvious to any serious amateur/pro photographer , signalling how easier and logical they will make their life, if they consider a good Android device (...my pick are the SGTs).

This very same thread and the OPs predicament is a standing tribute to my reasoning.

What's with Apple fans that every limitation pointed out in the Cupertino devices is immediately "bashing"?...It surely keeps seeming more and more like a cult.

I love some Apple devices. I've own a series of them since the introduction of the first iPod. I just don't follow trends and try to logically assess what is best for any given situation and what might work in a lesser way, for obvious reasons, no matter how hyped it is.

Let me give you an example: Back in 2005 (2006?) I had a problem with one of the multiple Apple devices we have in our household. I went to Apple Portugal, things were not going smooth in the beginning and I ended up talking with one of " honchos " there (...the Commercial Director, if I am not mistaken...).

We took care of the business at hand and then we went on a very interesting conversation where I told him how much I loved the devices we owned.

At some point, he went a bit mysterious for a while and said " ...If you like what we currently have, you're gone love what is coming... ". " Really? ", I said..." Yeah, I can't really talk about it but think of a device that is both a cellular phone and a media player at the same time " (...He was talking about the iPhone, of course...).

To much his dismay I stood there for some seconds just staring at him, collecting my thoughts and then went "...but I don't want that ...How am I going to get satisfactory image media playback from such a tiny display?...for visual media display a certain modicum of screen real estate is a must !"

He looked like I had brought some rain to his parade and the conversation went colder from there on.

Fast-forward a few years and what happened?: The iPhone was (is) indeed a success but, guess what, Apple felt the need to come up with the iPad...Duh!

So, I understand where you coming from, given the sheer amount of devices you say you have to deal with but, may I remind you, far from being " biased " or " bashing " the iPad I started my post with " ...Granted, they do offer a more seamless integration with the iPad, if you consider iTunes and have multiple Apple devices. ".

(...You really should have considered all that I've written, before engaging the "CupCult" mode...)

If you work with such an egregious amount of devices this little difference is bound to be exponentiated, of course.

But that has nothing to do with how both devices deal with photography at a higher level, tough. (...or visual media, in general...My SGT churns and displays any video format I throw at him...I have still to do 1 single "device requested" conversion in the 1 1/2 years I've used the device...not to mention the recurrent Flash little detail...).

The fact remains that very few users really assess what both systems (iOS and Android) can actually do for the actual main uses they will be using the device with.

...and even when they do, they often end up preys to the "trend chic", as the second reply to my input clearly demonstrates.

(PS: As for the Retina-featuring iPad 3, unless it is an "open" designation for different implementations of the technology, I have no reason to believe it will perform differently from the iPhone 4. Now, I've seen the Super AMOLED Plus screen of the SGT 7.7 right next to an iPhone 4. Please do the same and report back. Will talk " superior" then.)


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