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Wyville wrote:

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Good point. I don't even like black and white but I can and have studied his methods and most of all his approach to photography. I still see nothing wrong with striving for perfection, even to the point of obsession. But I need to be my own judge of what perfection means to me.

Indeed, your own judgement is most important because that is where the fun is found.

I just got back from Zion with a zillion pictures taken after a lot of hiking. I processed them and printed 8x10 proofs to see if I had a wall hanger. I don't.

In the past, I always felt like such effort had to have a result. But the truth is it takes many such trips and a lot of effort but also a lot of luck to get the real deal.

I knew when I was there it would not happen. Cloudless sky's, bare trees will probably make ho hum images.

I have been to Zion several times but 30-50 years ago and before I was taking pictures so I also had to do one exploration trip to get to know the time and light for the various locations.

I just need to call this one a training trip and not worry about the lack of results. I had fun doing it so that is the real reward.

I also learned some important lessons.

1. Zion is a 14mm place on a FF. Not everything, but many places.

2. I had a stitch problem with my 17TSE which was user error and will be corrected next time.

3. Contrails which have dissipated so that they are barely visible can really mess up a stitch shot. Hard to clone in a sky and get even gradients.

4. The Zion overlook is not a sunrise location after all.

5. The narrows in the area where you need to wade/swim is not a place I will take $20k worth of gear.

I used to train track and field like a professional. I grew up with several world class athletes from various sports and I wanted to be a great 100/200m sprinter myself. Never came close, of course, but I found that the best possible training for me was (very) long distances through natural terrain (woods, mountains, etc.).

Completely different from what I initially envisioned, but the process of trying out something helped me to uncover that which really fits me like a glove.

I hope I can do the same with my photography now. I started out with landscapes, did some stop motion, always wide angle to normal, and now I'm trying to find a way to start doing some tele work. It's great fun to explore these various aspects of photography.

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