Do printing houses really use icc profiles?

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Bob Wall Forum Member • Posts: 85
Re: Do printing houses really use icc profiles?

If your monitor is calibrated and you tell them what your profile is, i.e. Adobe98 (which would be apparent once they opened up a photo!), then absolutely.

I had taken Xmas photos for a greeting card for my daughter a couple of years ago. She sent it off to alab and they came back ugly as sin. Of course, she thought I fouled up. However, we contacted the lab, bringing to their attention the Adobe98 profile.

The photos came back perfect.

In terms of a paper profile, of course they would "tell" the printer to use the profile of the paper on which they are printing your photos, just as you might do in But if they didn't "tell" the printer to do that, well that would be the same as trying to print a Word document on say an HP Laserjet without having the driver for it.

You'd get the same garbage in that case too!

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