Repug Cowards Can't Stand Up To Rush Limbaugh

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Re: Repugnant Cowards Can't Stand Up for truth

taintedcamera wrote:

mamallama wrote:

Jean Stumberger wrote:

well, whoever wins , can always do what obama does (bend down and sniff their crotch)

Like this?

Something that witch Maddow would present on MSNBC. A little surprising coming from CNN. But then again, most all Liberals are a pack of liar's, preying on their ranks of uneducated fools.

Actually, it just proves that anything can be taken out of context to make a person look bad. I remember a picture that some right wing idiot presented of Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor that made him look like he was practically genuflecting to him. The fact that protocol called for a bow to a certain level, and Obama is so much taller made for good PR among the morons who have no idea of international diplomacy and protocol.

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