your opinions count!

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Re: your opinions count!

The worm has to taste good to the fish, not the fisherman, so what I say may be off the mark.

There are some typos (e.g. Services : "acclamed"), there are some inconsistencies (period, comma or nothing at the end; no difference between hyphen and dash: info , section 'employment'). This may be bean counting, but a letter of application with these little formal errors would probably be put aside.

The arrangement of the website is clear and fast, but for my taste the menu bar below is unneeded whereas the menu bar in the blog is missing. Why are there two lists of clients?

What is the purpose of the vitruvian cat on the home page? You can find it on cell phone cases ( ); anyway, there are too many vitruvian cats and vitruvian men in the world, so the symbol appears trivialized, for me cute. Rather, I'd like to see the photographer at work, in the studio etc.; that would give an impression of his professionality.

As to the wording, I'm not sure whether everything is beyond any doubt or whether everything should be mentioned. (e.g. contact : "It will not explode. Promise!")

The nature of the website should provoke one surprising idea in the mind of the visitor, comparable with the artistic work of the photographer.

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