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Re: Fascinating! A few quick questions

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1. Does Lightroom do layers? I assume it does.

It does not.

Lightroom doesn't work with visible layers. The most common layers used in Photoshop (adjustment layers) are sliders in Lightroom that either are applied to the whole image or are brushed in with the adjustment brush. They use layers and masks and Lightroom takes care of them in the background. When working with the adjustment brush you can see the mask if you want.

Yes and no. The effect is similar to what PS would achieve with layers but in LR there are no layers, nor is there a need for them. The actual reality of layers in PS is visible in the increased file size when the file is saved, something that never happens with LR.

It's sometimes hard to separate cause from effect but the LR paradigm of never changing, adding, or removing pixels from the image during the editing process makes layers an anathema - each layer in PS consists of pixels (that's why you can edit its mask) and effectively doubles the size of the base layer. LR edits/adds/removes only metadata, it never edits pixels at all so by definition does not use layers to achieve the desired result.

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