5D III + 50 1.2L perfect travel combo

Started Mar 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: 5D III + 50 1.2L perfect travel combo

If by „travel combo” you mean „able to take a pic in ANY light/darkness”, then it's true. But if you dare taking pics less than wide open, I wouldn't even consider the 50L; too much focus shift, and it's not masked by increased DOF until f/8.

Amazingly, using a supermatte focus screen helps me to focus better (manually) even when stopped down, with DOF preview on an older 5D. If I'm able to afford a smaller aperture, the light is enough to overcome the darkened viewfinder.

So... The 50L is a superb tool wide open, but way too restrictive if one isn't obsessed with overstatedly blurred backgrounds.

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