Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: YES THERE IS a way to do LiveView on an iPad !!!

you need live view to make it instant no wifi solution whether OneonOne via a laptop, or eye-fi, etc is nearly as fast as the lcd on the back of the screen...if you have access to any HDMI display and a mini-to standard HDMI cable, try it....I've done this to my TV at home from my 5D MII...it takes 2-3 seconds for the shot to appear on the display...no other method I've studied is faster....Obviously, dragging around any display is a bit cumbersome which is why an ipad would be a wonderful solution. Also, I'm not taking about LIVE VIEW VIDEO....just still shots.

anorris- thx for the link to the product at BH but as far as I understand, this product goes only one-direction...iDevice---> camera to remotely control it..not the other way around...so this is not the solution I'm looking for....

bronxbombers wrote:

anorris1 wrote:

Ultimately, if you tether the camera to a computer (true tether with cord) you can stream video from the computer to the ipad.

There's a splashtop app basically allows you to run your computer from your ipad like "go to my PC" - full desktop control (I use this when I want to chill in bed, but do a bit more than my ipad can do).

There are lot of apps that will stream wi-fi from computer to ipad.

As far as direct from camera to ipad, that's a different story.

who even needs the ipad though if you have your computer lugged along?

the point is to stream liveview to the ipad (and have the ipad apply an ipad monitor profiling to it to see the correct colors)

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