Wide angle for my A850

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Re: jeffcpix - look at Munger's comparisons page

jeffcpix wrote:

Hello, Ken.
Do you own a 17-35G?

trainerKEN wrote:

No, I don't, but nice try in changing the subject. You've already lost the argument, which had NOTHING to do with the G lens

You are correct, the D will give FF on the 850 -- I'm wrong, you're right.

The OP asked:

"I'm looking for a wide angle for my A850 and I was wondering if you had any good suggestions besides the 16-35mm CZ? I'm not financially ready to pay for that lens. LOL. Any more affordable alternatives?"

The last CZ 16-35 sold on ebay on 2/24 for $1429
The last 17-35 D sold on ebay on 2/28 for $430
There's a 17-35G 'buy now' on ebay for $1139

Depends what you consider affordable.

I bought my G for $1K -- and I prefer it to the CZ and certainly to the D.
If the D meets your needs, go for it.

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