Why so many machines still running XP???? It ain't the hardware...

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Why so many machines still running XP???? It ain't the hardware...

In the offices where my wife works, all the desktops on the network are still running Windows XP..

They are running XP because the proprietary software custom written for the job does not run/work in Vista or Windows 7.

A total re-write of the software is needed (according to the vendor) to make it compatible with Windows 7..

The cost of the re-write is $250,000 (US)..

The budget for the re-write was OK'd back when Windows 7 was about 6 months old. The money to replace any computers that needed to be replaced was in the budget at the same time.

My wifes office is STILL WAITING for the re-write to be finished.

This is the problem in most offices to which I am privy, and Im privy to a LOT of offices.. Municipal, Federal, Military, Retail, et al.

8 out of ten offices in my small town (population 25,000) are suffering the same "tech-block".. and a lot of them are struggling to survive and cant afford the software re-writes for their proprietary software (deductible or not).

For home systems, a lot of people just dont want to spend the money to up grade.

If you have, or work in, an Office that NEEDS software that only runs in Windows vista or 7, then the money should be spent to do the upgrade. (In the US, it deductible usually).

If, on the other hand, you just don't want to upgrade your own system, then it is YOUR choice, and dont carp about it.

A lot of people and places are stuck in a rut not of their own making.

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