X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 1

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Re: X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 2

I had to break this post into two parts...

6. The sensor. Two major problems: firstly they have completely messed up the tried-and-tested Bayer array pattern with some bizarre "random" arrangement. No wonder the jpgs look messed up. How is the RAW converter supposed to guess where the different colored pixels are if they are randomly distributed? Apple and Adobe have no chance of building a decent RAW converter for this camera, so we'll be using Silkypix for ever or shooting jpg. Secondly it's a teeny-tiny APS-C size. I've been using FF sensors from Nikon and Canon for years now and let me tell you, the APS-C sensor that can compete with them has never been made. Besides even if the Fuji sensor is as good as the Canon 5D2, that's ancient technology now anyway - we've all switched to the D800E which also doesn't have an AA filter. Fuji completely lack credibility here. I like to print my pictures really large and give them to friends because the look of anger on the faces of the homeless people is really funny in a 20x30 print, and also of course the 36Mp of the D800E gives me plenty of room to crop in to the best parts of my street photographs of young women.

7. Autofocus and Manual focus. Well obviously the Fuji AF is appalling. Okay I don't expect it to be quite as good as my D3, but still from youtube videos it's rubbish. And you can't even use manual focus because that doesn't work. Also you can't use manual focus with adapters because there is no focus peaking, so the whole M-mount adapter is just a con by Fuji to make even more money from the gullible. A fast AF system is important to me because with my street photography style I don't have time to hang about while the camera hunts for focus. I need to get a lock and a shot instantly. (The doc says I may fully recover the use of my leg in 3-6 months.)

8. Noisy shutter. The only good thing about the X100 was the silent shutter, where sometimes tramps and cheerleaders wouldn't even notice I had taken their picture until it was too late. The XPro1 has a much louder shutter, not as loud as my Nikons but still the Nikons are getting quieter too. I can tell you that the silent shutter mode has saved my bacon a few times!

9. Fuji quality control. When I did actually buy an X100 I had to return it 47 times because of sticky aperture blades. Fuji said that only on one occasion was there actually a problem, but we now know that Fuji management are not to be trusted after they embezzeled all that money and fired the British director. There is no other way to explain my inability to get a correctly exposed image out of the X100 than defective equipment. Trust me I really know what I'm doing with flash photography and spot metering. My Nikon D3 has never given me a poorly exposed image, so it must be the X100's fault. Major cover up and silence from Fuji. Also there have been very clear examples of orbs on the XPro1 images. There's two well-know pictures on Smugmug (I'm sure you have all seen them) where there is a large white orb in the sky both during daylight and night shots of jet aircraft long exposures. Fuji deny the problem of course.

10. Price. If they could make the X100 for 10% of the price of an M9 I don't see why the XPro1 body is 20% of the price. That doesn't even include the lens. Gouging, that's the way I see it. Though Canon are doing it too now with the 5D3. Honestly, I'm amazed that Nikon doesn't own 100% of the market.

Obviously I'll be cancelling my pre-order.

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