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Re: Has anybody any idea ...

Make a search with Topprese :

There is very few price difference between the most reputable online dealers right now. Depending on the color and whether you want the kit or body only, the lower price is not always from the same dealer.

Microspot has the cheapest silver kit and the cheapest black body only. They are linked to Coop and a good dealer. Some time they goof with the prices and once I was able to get a much lower price on a G3. The price was corrected the day after.. It is usefull to check TopPreise often, because prices are changing quite often, more fatten than I thought..

Other good online dealers include Internet.ch, Digitec, TopD. Heiniger and Digifuchs are good too, but do often have higher prices. Digifuchs is a photo dealer in Luzern; lately it became a little more aggressive on the prices of some selected models, aligning it's prices with the other cheaper dealers (ie the Canon 5D mark II).

You can't go wrong with any of these dealers. Now which ones will be the first to deliver the E-M5 is anyone's guess. Microspot told me the product wasn't yet in stock and they had no idea when it would be there. One dealer only communicates a date of delivery and says it should be available in May ! I think it was Internet.ch ? but don't remember for sure. I hope they were overly careful !

ShatteredSky wrote:

... where to pre-order in Switzerland, or when they will be available in (online)-stores?

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