Nikkor 28-105 f3.5-4.5D

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Re: Nikkor 28-105 f3.5-4.5D

I bought this lens after reading all the praise here and there (forums and bjorn rorslett website) but ended up very disappointed.

In fact I would say the only point of getting this lens is because it's the cheapest 1:2 lens on the market. The quality of the pictures at half size magnification is very good, exactly what you can expect from a macro lens (except it isn't one).

So you get a 105mm 1:2 lens and the ability to take pictures between 28 and 105mm if you have no other lens with you. If you do, be prepared to do a lot of PS (contrast, exposure in dark areas and most of all sharpening).

Here's a 1:2 shot, the plant is around 6cm wide (you can view the full-size shot here at


But here's another trade-off : at this magnification ratio, the working distance is very short ; around 20cm from sensor but only 5cm from the front lens.

All in all it's not really a bargain, it's a macro-lens bargain. So leave it on the cumbersome macro switch.

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