Good retro film lens to add to 4/3 GF2

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Try before you buy?

I think 50 is a bit tele for so-called street shooting and and snappy manual focus can be a bit tedious with a long lens. I find the focus assist on the GF-1 course and not that nice to use with anything moving. You may find the built-in finder better, but it may not be that much.

You already have an appropriate zoom. You might try it fixed at 35 and 42 to get a taste. If the 42 is heavy going you need ask no more about a 50 for this purpose.

You could hardly go wrong with a Super Takumar or Canon 50mm f1.4 but you could get your feet wet a lot more cheaply with an f1.8. There are a zillion of them about and likely to come complete with camera attached - the ultimate rear lens cap..

About $50 can get you a Russian rangefinder lens. The Jupiter-8 50mm f2 is a good lens, compact, reliable and very reasonably priced. Don't be tempted by the Jupiter f1.5.

35mm SLR lenses are usually more bulky than a typical 50. The 35mm rangefinder lenses are far more compact but a lot more than $90.

While nominally faster than your zoom, a lot of these legacy lenses weren't that flash wide open and, if you have to close them down, they may may be no faster than the kit zoom. In that event, all they offer is genuine hairy-chested manual focussing, complete with proper depth of field scales, and all the aura. Only you can judge if that is your way to go.

nick_nz wrote:

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Liking the idea of the Pentax smc 50mm or maybe still the canon 50mm 1.4. Id like to get the 20mm panasonic and heard a lot of good reviews but its quite a bit more than i was hoping to spend and the 14mm was almost free with the kit do have that already. The Leica mounted lens looks amazing although the price is high too..

Would you guys recommend the 50mm faster lens for me or the 35mm slight slower but not as long lens?

. I'll still have my 14mm and 14-42mm lens with me so can use those

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