SD-1 sensor and the iPad advantage

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SD-1 sensor and the iPad advantage

Probably everyone knows, even if they did not wish to, that Apple is releasing a new iPad next week, and you probably even know how amazing that iPad will be for photographers due to the 2048 x 1536 10" screen.

Now what you might not know is, on the day of the announcement Apple released new software to bring more photographers to the iPad - iPhoto, kind of like iPhoto on the desktop but really re-designed for the iPad.

Well that software also runs on current iPads, and this is where a strength of Sigma among all the latest high-resolution DSLR's comes in.

You see, most of the modern high-res DSLR's are 22+ MP. They have to be to capture nearly as much detail as an SD-1.

Well what is the maximum image size the iPad iPhoto supports?

19 million pixels.

That means that the more compact Foveon image output is the only one that you can view 100% (or possibly at all) in iPhoto on an iPad.

Why does this matter? Because the iPad is a killer review device. I connected the SD-1 via the included USB cable (DO NOT lose that cable by the way, it's one of the more rare types of USB cable), and was able to copy the JPG images shot from JPG+RAW mode onto the iPad, about 3 seconds per image.

Then I could pull up iPhoto on the iPad and quickly move through images to review, either double-tapping or bringing up a loupe to view 100%.

Now they are JPG files, not as good as raw but good enough to see if you got the focus point exactly where you want and if the image is generally sharp.

Not as good as tethering but an iPad is practical to bring with you shooting to review images after you take a set.

It already works well on the iPad2, on the new iPad it should be spectacular.

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