Anyone tried the NEX7+40mm CLE/Summicron-C?

Started Mar 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
yasha Forum Member • Posts: 72
Re: Anyone tried the NEX7+40mm CLE/Summicron-C?

get the 7, it's night and day, i would never get the 5n after owning the 7 now.

uhoh07 wrote:

Sonecha wrote:

I have already bought this lens (CLE) and adapter to NEX so now I just lack the camera – and I can't make up my decision between the 7 and 5N.

There have been reports that the wide-angle (35 and wider) perform worse on the 7 than the 5N and this worries me if I would go with the more expensive alternative.

I think the lens would work well on either, but there is no doubt the 5n is far more versitle and less picky with non-native--and possibly even some native glass.

Certainly when the stars align the 7 really delivers.

Just the fact you have the lens makes me lean to suggesting the 5n + evf---but know that if you really must have the 7 it should be good

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