Best Expat Camera Setup?

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Re: Best Expat Camera Setup?


jj74e wrote:

snake_b wrote:

I think the XS1 recommendation from someone else was pretty much nonsense and internet spec sheet reading, considering it also exhibits the orb problem (same sensor as the X10), is extremely expensive, and now people are reporting 5mm of lens sag and, which is affecting image quality. The high ISO performance isn't much better than an 1/1.7 cam, not to mention it has an f2.8 at the large end, which makes that recommendation absolutely bizarre, considering the criticism that was lobbed about the G1x by that same user.

Gee, there you go being stupid again. Like I already said I was only saying that the f2.8 is slower than the f1.8/f2.0 of high end compacts, not that f2.8 was inherently bad, and I said the G1X was a solid camera, but bigger than M4/3 (which you criticized me for calling it "massive," yet when this person says virtually the same thing, you say "valid point." biased troll? i think so).

Oh and what happened to your whole "from experience" thing? Obviously you've never tried the XS1 . Not to mention, while the orb issue is an issue, as has been recounted by many sites already, including dpreview, it does not occur very often and for some people it may not be an issue (as there are many happy customers who have the X10, although obviously if it bothers you, do not buy the camera). And no, the high ISO performance won't be better than high end compacts with bigger sensors, but you get an f2.8 aperture with the huge zoom range. I was simply listing an alternative the oP might not have considered that might interest. It's not like I was saying the XS1 was the only option available. What, did you go back to my post and pick out the one alternative camera I suggested that you could possibly write an inflammatory post about? Well way to make yourself look like a troll. again (even though in your head you were probably putting on your other face and trying to seem like a sane person).

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