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Re: Saffron Finch

I think you're right about iso3200 limit. And I'm set to Standard Jpeg...not using RAW at this time yet.

Ha ha, I too read that long sentence and realized at the end, I had been holding my breath reading...phew! But those are very relevant points and conditions you state there. Relooking it, I think I do not have a bad copy.

"I think it's basically learning the limitations of our equipment. - Digirame"

Digirame wrote:

They look slightly softer than the series L lens, but since you are pushing the boundaries with using ISO5000, I think you did rather well. I'm still trying different settings myself, and to compete with a more expensive lens, I think we have to stay within the sweet spots and maybe limit ourselves to ISO3200. Plus I'm just taking these as standard JPEGs. I'm not sure how to compare to someone that may be shooting RAW. Are you taking these as JPEGs or RAW?

Now if you were shooting within the sweet spot of the lens with plenty of shutter speed and great enough depth of field at the lower ISO levels...and you were shooting RAW...and the pictures were still soft...then you might have a bad copy (whew...that was a long sentence).

I took some more pictures of the crocus flowers today at F11 at reduced focal lengths with my Canon T2i (550D) and 55-250mm IS lens and they did look more sharp (than yesterday's pictures at F18). This lens is different than my Olympus Zuiko telephoto lens...that one I can use F18 and everything is tack sharp at most focal lengths...sometimes good at F22. I think it's basically learning the limitations of our equipment. I've got no complaints with the Canon 55-250mm IS lens...does excellent for the $150 (USD) that I paid...most pictures turn out pretty sharp.

Let us know what more you find out about the lens. Plus it's hard to evaluate photos that are resized for web viewing with our monitors...they aren't going to normally be as sharp as prints (from a good printer with enough dpi).

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