OT. HiRes - You can't handle the HiRes...

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Re: OT. HiRes - You can't handle the HiRes...

The resolution shouldn't be as great as it is with the Hubble telescope. I believe the Hubble is 70 or 80 " in diameter ( the primary mirror) and this space telescope is only 19.7" in diameter. Resolution is based on the aperture and Dawe's limit and I also believe the f/ratio also comes into play when your talk about field of view and magnification as in any telescope which also factor in with resolution. This scope has a large secondary mirror and that also effects the characteristics and performance resolution perhaps exhibiting a larger Airy disc than normal because of the secondary mirror. Also being in space which is essentially a vacuum and looking down into the thin atmosphere of Mars seeing is probably better than looking down into the earth which has a much thicker atmosphere that degrades resolution. A bunch of factors are in play here. . . . interesting none the less. . .


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