Small gamut toneable monochrome inks

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You might try the cone inks

I believe he used to have a b&w set where you could choose to be warmer or colder depending which ink channels you chose to use. I think this required use of QTR or some other rip though.

Alternatively, you could use his (or anyone's) color inks and dilute all the colored inks down using the colorless fluid I think many of the makers offer. That would definitely mess up the L* value of the color channels though, so the color driver LUTs would be rather far off.

The most ideal solution might be to do the dilution and then recalibrate (linearize) in a full fledged RIP than reprofile.


Alan Jervis wrote:

I've been using the Lyson small gamut inks for some years now and I like the effect I can get. I've now run out of one "colour" and it seems that they have been discontinued. Does anyone know where they (or any other similar inks) can be found in the UK? If not, does anyone have a recipe for a 'home brew' ink set?

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Alan J

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