Just got 14mm 2.5 pancake -- wow, that's small!

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Re: but not optically very good lens

mfj197 wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

mfj197 wrote:

Sorry to hear your copy of the lens wasn't good. I've certainly had no CA issues with mine, and I shoot into the sun and through trees a lot. If you're still within warranty I'd suggest getting it looked at.

I would do that if I believed the lens was broken, but my results are consistent with online reviews, such as the one at slrgear.com, which show that the 14mm pancake has more CA than the 14-42mm II.

Or maybe you are using it on a Panasonic and it's doing some magic processing beyond the ability of Adobe Camera Raw. I got the bad purple fringing on an E-Pm1.

Good point, I am indeed using it on a Panasonic. I'd forgotten it takes care of CA.

No that's not the explanation. Panasonic lenses when used on a Panasonic body are corrected for lateral CA. Purple fringing is caused by longitudinal CA, which is not auto-corrected for the simple reason that it cannot be done as easily or as well.

As to SLRgear, I don't see a whole lot of difference between the 14-42 II and the 14/2.5 when looking at the VFA test chart samples (rather than at the CA graph, where it is a bit unclear to me if it refers to both types of CA or not and whether it is before auto-correction, on the Pany, or not).

EDIT: Just checked the Photozone review of the 14, and they mention pronounced lateral CA on the 14/2.5 prior to correction. So if it's lateral CA rather than longitudinal (purple fringing) that you (Sigala1) are primarily observing, then I have no difficulties understanding that you find it troubling. Lateral CA would typically show up as redish fringes on one side of an object and green on the other (although there is also a less common blue/yellow version). The 14/2.5 no doubt has some purple fringing too (I just bought the lens myself), but not to an extent that I find very troubling.

I do find it a useful little lens though. A recent comparison here showed it to be the equal of the 7-14 and the 14-45 at 14mm. I don't have a kit zoom as I really wanted the Oly 45mm f1.8 so got the 14mm for the wide end, and I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying the combination!


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