Anyone doing Fine Art for a living?

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Re: Anyone doing Fine Art for a living?

outastate wrote:

I'd like to know what equipment you use.

I'm just starting out and I shoot abstracts with an Olympus E5, I use Capture one on an iMac and print with an Epson 4880 using Epson inks and Exhibition Fiber Base paper.

I'm skeptical of the optical brighteners in the paper and I'm considering trying something else. I do like the look of the paper but I'm not sure if I feel if it's going to be archival enough for me. Can anyone suggest another gloss paper I should try?

As Milner pointed out, equipment doesn't matter. IMO, if you have to think about what equipment you are using more than what you are photographing, you are looking at the wrong job... As an exhibiting artists, the picture, and everything surrounding it (the story you are telling, the gallery, the reviews, the collectors, the art world in general etc etc), is far more important than what camera or printer you are using.

"fine art" is a very very complex concept, and I've written plenty of opinions about it, including this lengthy post about production and pricing aspects of fine art photography:

since "fine art" is so hard to define, you'll find at least 15 opinions for every 10 people you ask, so here is another thread that might be interesting to read for your journey:

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