To put it another way - re 5DIII AF

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Re: To put it another way - re 5DIII AF

Dr. Leonard wrote:

Do the specs on the 5DIII AF indicate an ability for action shots as good as the 7D > .(or MkIV)? Or do we just have to wait for testing?

At the end of the day/night, 5D3's AF will reign supreme over 7D and 1D4.

Shutter Lag Comparisons:
5D3(.059 sec.) VS 1D4(.049 sec.) VS 7D(.061 sec.)

AF CPU Comparisons:
5D3(1 Digic +5, 17x faster than Digic 4) VS 1D4(2 Digic 4) VS 7D(2 Digic 4)

AF Pts. Comparisons:
5D3(61 AF pts.41 x-type) VS 1D4(45 AF pts.39 x-type) VS 7D(19 AF pts.19 x-ype)

Dimmest AF Working Range Comparisons:
5D3(-2EV) VS 1D4(-1EV) VS 7D(-.5EV)

Metering Comparisons:
5D3(63-zone iFCL, 2nd gen.) VS 1D4(63-zone TTL) VS 7D(63-zone iFCL, 1st gen.)

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