Anyone know how much ram the iPad 3 has?

Started Mar 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: its safari

Thanks for the info! That's great, that means there should be enough to actually multitask with it.

art1sta wrote:

Its Safaris fault. get yourself another browser, a simpler one. I also get crashes on safari but not on most apps

I've tried other browsers such as Opera, but some pages don't load correctly, or in Opera's all.

I've done a bunch of research to see why this is happening, and it always comes down to the same thing. When you've got something that takes up alot of RAM, like say the facebook app and you swipe over to safari, than you swipe back over to the app store and everything crashes to the main screen. It's becuase when the iPad runs out of RAM, it closes everything to free it back up. It's really annoying becuase it happens with any app (mostly safari with multiple tabs or complex web pages), and it happens routinely almost every time I use the ipad.

Otherwise, it's awesome. If they just stuck in more RAM, there wouldn't be anything wrong with it.

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