I just saw 5dmk3 and Nikon D800 samples on their official sites and I'm...

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Re: Have you seen this one?

Skip M wrote:

JackM wrote:


I'm not impressed with that D800 shot.

That just proves that, no matter what camera it is, in the wrong hands, it's just as capable of taking a lousy photo as any other camera.

Uhh, I dunno, it's ISO 100. It shouldn't look that bad.

Narrow DOF in a landscape, poor contrast (lens related?)

It's the 14-24. Pretty sure that's a decent lens.

and lousy composition are hardly the fault of the camera. On the other hand, colors, especially of the Dusty Miller in the foreground, are nicely rendered.

I'm not looking at the composition. The colors are nice, but the Dusty Miller, the presumed subject of this image, is not sharp anywhere.

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