Goodbye X-S1 welcome HS30

Started Mar 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
JonathanF Senior Member • Posts: 1,389
Re: Goodbye X-S1 welcome HS30

I just picked up an HS30, after considering the XS-1 long and hard.

The EVF on the HS30 is a step down from XS-1, but it is a huge, huge improvement over HS20. It is good enough for manual focus, whereas that on HS20 is barely acceptable for composition.

I am on the fence about AA vs Li - both are fine with me. One disappointment with the HS30 is that the charger does not plug right into an outlet, but needs another bulky power cable.

One regret with the HS30 is that you cannot use manual focus in EXR Auto mode. I like to set the AE/AF button for AF, and then fine tune with MF. I see no reason why Fuji won't let me do that in EXR Auto mode.

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