I am thrilled with the 5D3

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Re: I am thrilled with the 5D3

dominikov wrote:

JackM wrote:

Resolution - I have no interest in or need for 36mp.

Maybe if you were landscape photographer who sold large prints for a living, or a studio photographer striving for the highest IQ you can afford, or a stock photographer who sees larger files as more saleable, then you would.

Perhaps. If I was one of those and I thought it made economic sense, then I would seriously consider it. However there is also the issue of learning the new system. I like this quote on that by Thom Hogan:

"I do shoot with the competitive brand from time to time, usually borrowing it from a pro friend or two. But I try to make sure I only do that on work that isn't for pay, as I've sometimes found myself staring at the camera wondering where the heck a button or menu choice is, or worse still, what some item's name in the menu system actually means. Do that at a paying gig and you won't have many more paying gigs to worry about."

If Canon sees the D800 as a success then it's highly likely they'll produce a similar camera.

Of course. Remember they have produced a 120mp APS-H sensor already.

You don't have to dismiss something just because it doesn't suit your requirements right now .

I do not see my requirements exceeding the 5DIII ever. I will replace it when it disintegrates in my hands.

Noise - I am glad Canon didn't go to 36mp just to chase Nikon, because I believe a 22mp Canon sensor would have less noise than a 36mp Canon sensor.

What happens when a 36mp file is scaled down to 22mp or printed at the same size?

I'm not interested in that extra workflow. Or dealing with 75mb raw files in general.

The bottom line is it's a great time to be a photographer because we've never had it so good. And more to the point, bashing brands is stupid because competition is the reason we're able to buy these cameras for a reasonable price.

Completely agree.

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