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“Your first 10,000 photos are your worst” - Henri Cartier Bresson

no substitue for experience

you have selected a complicated camera for your beginners one

There are three settings you need to understand well:
1. Focus (the plane of focus - i.e. what parts of the picture are in focus)
2. Speed (how fast the shutter opens - faster means movement isn't blurred)
3. Aperture (how much light is let in - linked to plane of focus and speed)

large sensor cameras like the Nex system also tend to have less objects in focus so are more difficult to get sharp pictures for beginners then P&S cameras for example

I would recommend the following:

try these:

and especially this one:

haven't look at these but some look quite nice:

some books:

best of luck!

djsb wrote:

Picked up my NEX-7 (with kit lens) yesterday, at last.

First impressions are it's a bit daunting for a total newbie like me. However I've already found the auto settings to get me started taking photo's.

Looks like I've got a LOT to learn and I've started by reading this forum at least once a day. Can anyone suggest any basic photography education sites (besides this forum of course). I get a bit confused sometimes with the terms used here (and in the NEX user manual) so I may start asking some seemingly dumb questions. Please be patient.


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