Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: I'm amazed it took so long

nakeddork is a horn tooter and it never ends well for horn tooters. Their personal ego is their own monster.

And no matter how good or poor his photos were, if he was aiming to teach anyone something, that horn tooting method doesn't work. It's very difficult to get past arrogance.

He probably learned something from the members here himself - like very basic composition mistakes - like paying attention to his crooked backgounds and making sure that sewer caps aren't detracting from his images - and making sure that his ego doesn't bounce off into the corner of his model's eye These are very basic issues that a true pro would catch - even passionate photogs like we-underlings, particularly before posting and doing a bunch of loud horn tooting. Brag is a four-letter word.

He was horrendous to the members here but his comments about DPR were beyond any level of normalcy. You can jump on the baby bears, but you gotta leave papa alone.

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