Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

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Re: Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

It does'nt work that way...You have to multiply the lens focal length by the crop factor (1.5x for the SD1M) to give you the FF equivalent focal length.

For example, the Zeiss 21mm will give you the same FOV as a 31.5mm lens would do on a FF camera.

We're talking about a FF sensor in this thread, are we not?

Cropping reduces resolution though so while the FOV gets less when you crop, sort of simulating having a greater focal length lens, resolution goes down which does not happen when you actually use a longer focal length lens. So cropping should only be used as a last resort, not all the time, and you would be far better off getting some longer lenses and stitching the resulting shots into panoramas to increase the FOV whilst giving you maximum image detail.

Obviously this is true, but as far as I'm concerned a good Foveon image loses resolution on cropping at a fraction of the rate of a Bayer image. That's the basis of my whole post!

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