I am thrilled with the 5D3

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I am thrilled with the 5D3

I am thrilled. I shoot in low light, and I shoot sports. I shoot portraits, landscape, travel, candids, my kids and their friends, and real estate. I shoot professionally part time. I'm replacing my 7D and 5DII with one 5DIII. (On the very rare occasion I need two bodies, I'll rent.) I can't wait. Here are my thoughts on a few items which have been hot topics here.

Resolution - I have no interest in or need for 36mp. A 28% increase in linear resolution does not tempt me. My house has room for four 20x30" prints, and about a dozen 16x24" prints, and I enjoy them from normal distances. I can get right up to them and count eyelashes just for fun. I don't worry about any artifacts I may see with my nose 6" from the glass. The rest of my photos are printed smaller or go in scrapbooks, or live forever in my computer. By the time my 6 year old daughter gets married, I'll probably display a slideshow on a 4K (8mp) projector. And my 9 month old 3.6 GHz (i.e. fast) iMac is slow enough dealing with 21mp.

I think it's ironic and funny how Nikon shooters have been saying for years how 12mp vs 21mp is no big deal. Suddenly there is a 36mp camera out there so anything less is a turd? Nonsense.

Noise - I am glad Canon didn't go to 36mp just to chase Nikon, because I believe a 22mp Canon sensor would have less noise than a 36mp Canon sensor. I believe this because on the DxOMark.com ISO test, cameras of the same or similar generation with lower pixel density usually score better. D700 vs D3X. Sony NEX-5n vs NEX-7. Canon 5DII vs 7D. Whether the D800 will have slightly better or worse noise is a moot point for me because a) the difference won't make it into print, and b) I am too invested in Canon glass to switch brands for 28% more linear resolution, and 2 fps less. Also I do not like what I see in this D800 sample:

Dynamic Range - Interestingly, DxO scores for DR are the other way around - higher pixel density is better for DR. At least for Nikon. Canon 5DII scores slightly higher than the 7D. So maybe my 22mp 5D3 will be better for DR than a hypothetical 36mp Canon. Again - 5D3 vs D800 DR is a moot point for me, and I'll bet the visible difference will not be significant to me. If it is, I'll happily concede that point and continue enjoying my 5D3. The 6fps and not having to spend thousands converting to Nikon will more than make up the difference.

Thank you Canon. You have finally given me my perfect camera.

Here is where some will say I am a fanboy or an apologist, or that I am encouraging Canon to get lazy. Call me whatever you want to make yourself feel superior. Glad to be of service. Will people like me make Canon lazy? No, there will always be Nikon and Sony to prevent that. But for me, Canon has definitely reached the point of "awesome enough". Sure, more DR will be welcome someday, but for the foreseeable future I am satisfied. I cannot wait to take delivery of my 5D3. Finally I can stop wondering when I will get real AF in a Full Frame body I can afford. Finally I will be able to stop checking this site every day.

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