HS20 8MP mode vs 8MP Cell Phone

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HS20 8MP mode vs 8MP Cell Phone

A short time ago I posted a question asking for advice on what test shots would be best to compare between the HS20 and my cell phone.

Surprisingly, nobody replied. Nobody replied even after I renewed the thread asking if anyone would have any input on this.

At the time of me typing this, there has still been no replies. Here is that thread link: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1012&message=40801832

I have taken some shots without anyone's advice and posted them below.

The only settings I could match between the cell and the HS20 were the WB and ISO. And at that the WB doesn't seem to match. WB set to Cloudy and ISO set on 100.

I took only 1 picture with the cell and 4 with the HS20. I first took 3 with the HS20 in A mode varying only the DR. Lastly I took one with the HS20 in full Auto EXR mode. HS20 has NR set to Low, Sharpness set to STD, Tone set to STD, Color set to Low, Image Size set to M 4:3, IQ set to Fine, and Film Simulation set to Astia/Soft. Photometry was set to Average. AF mode set to Center.

I find it interesting that as far as IQ goes in a pixel peeping sorta way, the EXR image more matches that of the Cell.

The cell phone used is the LG Optimus 4G LTE, in the US it's called the NITRO. It's code is LG-P930.

Opinions and comments welcomed

1st, this is the cell phone image

HS20 DR100

HS20 DR200

HS20 DR400

And finally the HS20 Full Auto EXR

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